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  • CMake syntax highlighting in Atom editor

    The language-cmake package had been the most used CMake syntax highlighter for Atom. However, the package was discontinued in May 2019, approximately corresponding to CMake 3.14.

    My ‘language-cmake-2’ fork

    I have forked the project and updated it to the current CMake version (3.19.2). I plan to keep it up-to-date in the future.

    How to install the new package?

    a) By hand

    The language-cmake-2 is a direct fork of the original package. To install it, first uninstall the old one and then install the new one:

    apm uninstall --hard language-cmake
    apm install language-cmake-2

    b) Using the script

    You can also install the new package using the packed script. Just execute it:


    or, if you want to link the current directory into Atom (like with apm install --link), run:

    ./install --link
  • First post!

    This is the first, experimental post on this blog!

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